501 Series Tips for SK200A , QUICK 203H,QUICK206C STATION

PRIBEN is one of the largest manufacturers of soldering tips in the world, producing tips to fit all of the most popular soldering stations. The long life and fast heat recovery of PRIBEN soldering tips increases user effectiveness and decreases production times. All PRIBEN soldering tips manufactured since January 2004 are tinned with Lead-Free solder.

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Using a high quality PRIBEN soldering tip increases soldering speed and decreases the total cost of manufacture. Higher temperatures and high tin content solders, common in lead-free soldering processes, place additional strain on soldering iron tips. The long life of a PRIBEN soldering iron tip reduces tip changes, decreasing the total number of tips used and decreasing production time.
PRIBEN soldering tips are constructed from highly conductive premium grade copper to transmit heat to the work more quickly than other brands of soldering tips. This quick heat recovery enables more joints to be soldered per minute, thus reducing manufacturing time and costs.
501 Series Suitable for SK200A , QUICK 203H,QUICK206C 501-10D,501-10C,501-6D,501-5D 501-5B,501-3C,501-4C,501-5C,501-K,501-6C
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