HP-520S / HP-680S, HP-850S / HP-1000S SMT Screen Printer

3D Inspection Vision Screen Printer can reduce the defective products of excessive, shape defects etc and Inspect for No Good, Bridge, Shift etc during Solder paste Printing.

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Brand: SJ Innotech

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Printing (±0.0125mm) Repeatability (±0.01mm) 0.3 Pitch QFP, 0402 Chip, Ø0.2 MBGA
Speed/pressure control by printing section (5 sections)
Various PCB Clamping by PCB type
Various Auto Under Stencil Cleaning
Improved lead-release utilizing the multistage sheet separation method
Convenient to change the stencil size with the LM Guide
Array PCB Inspection
Load-cell control for precise pressure control
The optimum solution for total-number in-line inspection
Convenient interface for model change
1st Funtion
2nd Funtion
3rd Funtion  
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