Software application design and development - what we do
   Priben designs and develops software, web applications and desktop applications for just about any requirement, such as:
      - Sophisticated, database-driven websites
      - Bespoke web applications
      - Work-flow applications
      - E-Commerce applications
Software application design and development - how we do it
    Priben has a structured and quality-driven approach to the production of software and web applications, desktop applications and databases,
    to create predictable projects delivered on-time and within budget. Learn more by viewing our approach to developing custom applications.
Our expertise
   Our dedicated team has high levels of expertise in a diverse number of web technologies, as well as in usability, accessibility and interface design.
   Our approach is always user centered focusing on a solution that is both user friendly and effective. 
Web Technologies and Database we are utilizing 
   We are using following Microsoft Technologies to build applications.
      - Asp.Net
      - VB.Net
      - C#,VB
      - Ajax,JQuery and Javascript
      - SQL Server 2012/2008/2005
      - MySql
      - Oracle 9i/10g/11g